Friday, October 2, 2009

The Natural Brain Booster

A lunchtime run or bike ride can supercharge your powers of concentration, but only if you take the scenic route.University of Michigan researchers found that people who strolled through a wooded park for 50 minutes significantly improved their performance on an attention test, while the scores of the people who walked on noisy city streets stayed the same. The relaxing atmosphere of nature gives your prefrontal cortex-the area of your brain that helps you focus-an opportunity to recharge, says study author Marc Berman, Ph.D.(c).

Bicycles,women and liberation

Bicycles, introduced in Europe around 1863, were the first democratic means of transportation. In practical terms, bicycles eliminated the reliance on the horse and buggy.

The “Golden Age” of bicycles came in the 1890s and they were particularly fashionable in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, London, and Paris. Men smoked fewer cigars, wore cheaper suits, and forwent hats and shaves, while men and women read less and stopped regularly observing the Sabbath–all as a result of the bicycle craze.
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During this Golden Age campaigns were waged to encourage women to ride and, as a result, the bicycle became both a symbol and a means of women’s liberation.

With the new transportation came a “rational dress” movement for women, who could not reasonably be expected to ride in full skirts, wearing the average of thirty-seven pounds of clothing that was common before the advent of the cycle. As a result of the cycling craze bloomers in the 1880s at last became a viable fashion option for women, although feminists had pushed for years for their acceptance.

Another direct result of cycling’s popularity was a rise in female athletes–cycle riding had proved that exercise was not detrimental to women as was commonly believed. However, women cyclists were criticized for abandoning their femininity and becoming “mannish” or “manly women.”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buttar Inc, will provide the timing for CFL Criterium!

Buttar Inc. will be in charge of providing the top of the line computerized timing services for the CFL Criterium Cup. Thanks to Buttar Inc. the CFLCC will raise the bar in the MTB events making it a MUST RACE in everyone’s calendar.
Here is some info about Buttar Inc.:
Would you like to provide automatic timing for your athletic events? Our timing services fit the bill if you already have your event planned and implemented but all you need is the timing component. We use the AMB Activ System which was also used in the Tour de France, 2004 Olympic marathon and triathlon. AMB has just been notified by USATF Officials that its AMB Activ Transponder-based Timing System is now certified for usage in all USATF-Sanctioned events. With this certification, the AMB Activ System can now officially record USATF event records. We specialize in timing triathlons, duathlons, inline, running and cycling events and have earned a reputation of being strong solution providers who get the job done - correctly the first time. We are the only AMB timing company in the country that has the ability to generate and email results to participants on the same day as the event.
For more info contact Buttar Inc. 1-888-281-0533

ADVOCARE joining the CFL Criterium Cup team

ADVOCARE saying present in the sports community!!

AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.

Joining team AdvoCare empowers individuals to explore their ultimate potential. When people try the products, the positive testimonials pour in: "I feel better than I have in years." "My energy level is unbelievable." "AdvoCare has changed my life." AdvoCare focuses on wellness and provides an opportunity to enrich your life in the way that you choose.

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Get Ready Central Florida for Adrenaline, Speed and Action!

Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club is pleased to sponsor and host Central Florida’s first Criterium Cup. A 4.5 mile high speed race combining a variety of terrain, hair-pin turns, riveting action and speed; providing for a revolutionary and challenging mountain biking experience.

Known as one of Central Florida’s top destination resorts, Mystic Dunes is proud to sponsor this event and offer the mountain biking community, local law enforcement officers and others the opportunity to show off your skills and test your technical abilities while riding through one of the most beautiful courses in Central Florida.

The Central Florida Criterium Cup begins the evening of Friday, October 30th and includes a time trial, various levels of racing and, the celebratory culmination of the two night competition along with a Monster Energy Drink sponsored Halloween holiday bash the evening of the 31st.

There will be winners in each category, and many great prizes. The event is sanctioned by the United States Cycling Federation. Once again we strongly encourage law enforcement to participate and join in the festivities!

To reserve rooms at the Special Rate of $69.00, $99.00 and $117.00 click on the link below or call 1-877-747-4747 and use code “CFLCRITERIUMCUP”

For more information please call: or visit