Friday, October 2, 2009

The Natural Brain Booster

A lunchtime run or bike ride can supercharge your powers of concentration, but only if you take the scenic route.University of Michigan researchers found that people who strolled through a wooded park for 50 minutes significantly improved their performance on an attention test, while the scores of the people who walked on noisy city streets stayed the same. The relaxing atmosphere of nature gives your prefrontal cortex-the area of your brain that helps you focus-an opportunity to recharge, says study author Marc Berman, Ph.D.(c).

Bicycles,women and liberation

Bicycles, introduced in Europe around 1863, were the first democratic means of transportation. In practical terms, bicycles eliminated the reliance on the horse and buggy.

The “Golden Age” of bicycles came in the 1890s and they were particularly fashionable in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, London, and Paris. Men smoked fewer cigars, wore cheaper suits, and forwent hats and shaves, while men and women read less and stopped regularly observing the Sabbath–all as a result of the bicycle craze.
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During this Golden Age campaigns were waged to encourage women to ride and, as a result, the bicycle became both a symbol and a means of women’s liberation.

With the new transportation came a “rational dress” movement for women, who could not reasonably be expected to ride in full skirts, wearing the average of thirty-seven pounds of clothing that was common before the advent of the cycle. As a result of the cycling craze bloomers in the 1880s at last became a viable fashion option for women, although feminists had pushed for years for their acceptance.

Another direct result of cycling’s popularity was a rise in female athletes–cycle riding had proved that exercise was not detrimental to women as was commonly believed. However, women cyclists were criticized for abandoning their femininity and becoming “mannish” or “manly women.”

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Buttar Inc, will provide the timing for CFL Criterium!

Buttar Inc. will be in charge of providing the top of the line computerized timing services for the CFL Criterium Cup. Thanks to Buttar Inc. the CFLCC will raise the bar in the MTB events making it a MUST RACE in everyone’s calendar.
Here is some info about Buttar Inc.:
Would you like to provide automatic timing for your athletic events? Our timing services fit the bill if you already have your event planned and implemented but all you need is the timing component. We use the AMB Activ System which was also used in the Tour de France, 2004 Olympic marathon and triathlon. AMB has just been notified by USATF Officials that its AMB Activ Transponder-based Timing System is now certified for usage in all USATF-Sanctioned events. With this certification, the AMB Activ System can now officially record USATF event records. We specialize in timing triathlons, duathlons, inline, running and cycling events and have earned a reputation of being strong solution providers who get the job done - correctly the first time. We are the only AMB timing company in the country that has the ability to generate and email results to participants on the same day as the event.
For more info contact Buttar Inc. 1-888-281-0533

ADVOCARE joining the CFL Criterium Cup team

ADVOCARE saying present in the sports community!!

AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.

Joining team AdvoCare empowers individuals to explore their ultimate potential. When people try the products, the positive testimonials pour in: "I feel better than I have in years." "My energy level is unbelievable." "AdvoCare has changed my life." AdvoCare focuses on wellness and provides an opportunity to enrich your life in the way that you choose.

Distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology and medicine formulate nutritional solutions that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients. The phenomenal results of AdvoCare products experienced by thousands of people present an exciting business opportunity.

Get Ready Central Florida for Adrenaline, Speed and Action!

Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club is pleased to sponsor and host Central Florida’s first Criterium Cup. A 4.5 mile high speed race combining a variety of terrain, hair-pin turns, riveting action and speed; providing for a revolutionary and challenging mountain biking experience.

Known as one of Central Florida’s top destination resorts, Mystic Dunes is proud to sponsor this event and offer the mountain biking community, local law enforcement officers and others the opportunity to show off your skills and test your technical abilities while riding through one of the most beautiful courses in Central Florida.

The Central Florida Criterium Cup begins the evening of Friday, October 30th and includes a time trial, various levels of racing and, the celebratory culmination of the two night competition along with a Monster Energy Drink sponsored Halloween holiday bash the evening of the 31st.

There will be winners in each category, and many great prizes. The event is sanctioned by the United States Cycling Federation. Once again we strongly encourage law enforcement to participate and join in the festivities!

To reserve rooms at the Special Rate of $69.00, $99.00 and $117.00 click on the link below or call 1-877-747-4747 and use code “CFLCRITERIUMCUP”

For more information please call: or visit

Saturday, September 19, 2009


MONSTER Energy drink and City Beverages are sponsoring the CFL Criterium Cup. Creating synergy to establish themselves as the energy drink of extreme sports!
This event offers an exciting platform for the best-in-the-world of bicycles. It is a venue to showcase the rider’s technical and athletic skills, and win significant cash prizes and titles that will further enhance their development and amusement of this sport.
The Event will take place at the Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club during the month of October. There will be time trials, race and prizes the night of the 30th and an open reception Halloween “Monster” Bash, sponsored exclusively by City Beverages and Monster Energy Drink the night of the 31st.

ROAD ID becomes another sponsor of the CFL Criterium Cup!

ROAD ID becomes another sponsor of the CFL Criterium Cup!
Details of the ultimate cycling challenge, the first Central Florida Criterium Cup event, to be developed in Orlando, Florida, USA, have been announced. The Orlando and Central Florida areas are quickly developing into the Mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts in North America. This is affirmed by the creation and notoriety of the Central Florida Criterium Cup, now in full production.
Here is a brief info about Road ID.

The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon. For me, the inspiration was a black, King Kong size pick-up truck that I nearly came face to face with on a long Saturday run.

Earlier that fall, I began training for my first marathon. My father worried about me logging all those miles and would often tell me to “be safe.” One day, he suggested that I carry an ID so that he could be notified if I had an accident while training. Of course, I dismissed that suggestion. I thought: “What could possibly happen to me while running?”

So, there I was, in a ditch, on the side of the road, having nearly been hit by the aforementioned pick-up truck. From that ditch, my father’s suggestion to carry ID started to make a tremendous amount of sense.

Luckily I was OK. But, what if the truck had hit me? I would have been rushed to the local hospital as “John Doe.” Without proper ID, family members and friends could NOT be contacted. Likewise, my Medical records could NOT be accessed at the hospital. How long would I lay there unidentified? This freaked me out.

A few months later, from my father’s damp basement, he and I launched Road ID. To us, Road ID has always been far more than a business. We are on a mission to save lives.

Mystic Dunes Golf Club to host MTB Race!!!

Offering challenge and beauty with its’ magnificent terrain: Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club. Central Florida’s Premier Destination Resort and Championship golf course is hosting one of the most revolutionary and unrivaled races in MTB history.

Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club, a distinctive destination resort where you’ll enjoy close proximity to the fun and excitement of the world’s #1 family vacation destination, while escaping to a relaxing, tranquil retreat of spacious, well-appointed villas and a wide array of resort amenities and services in an atmosphere of gracious hospitality.

Built on one of the highest elevations in the area, our resort is nestled on over 600 acres of rolling hills, lush Florida nature preserves and beautiful tropical landscaping. We’re located just two miles from Walt Disney World® and just minutes away from all of Central Florida’s major attractions including Universal Orlando® and SeaWorld® Orlando. Within your spacious villa, you’ll enjoy amenities that let you escape from home yet leave you feeling right at home.

This event will create precedence for many more rides already on the agenda. It will be a great opportunity to experience avant-garde mountain bike racing. The Central Florida Criterium Cup includes a time trial, various levels of racing and, the celebratory culmination of the one night competition and Monster Energy Drink sponsored Halloween holiday bash on the 31st. There will be winners in each category, and many prizes. The event is sanctioned by the United States Cycling Federation.

Special rates on rooms during the event weekend: PROMO CODE “cflcriteriumcup”

WHAT: 2009 Central Florida Criterium Cup
WHERE: Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club, Celebration, Florida
WHEN: October 30 - 31, 2009
DEADLINE: Early bird registration is October 20, 2009
COST: $25.00 through October 20th and $35.00 the day of the race.

For more info please call Mystic Dunes Golf Club 407-787-5636, FGH Promotions 407-353-0013 or visit

CFL Criterium Cup

Come and experience avant-garde mountain bike racing in Central Florida! The most expected event in magnificent terrain: Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club. One of the most talked about golf courses in the nation is hosting one of the most radical and fast races in MTB history. The Central Florida Criterium Cup will be an event that will raise the bar in high class MTB.
With magnificent settings in the gorgeous Central Florida, the perfect combination of dirt, sand, gravel and paved sections creating a challenging and very fast course.
Become part of cycling history and join this unique series of events.
For more info contact 407-353-0013 or

Amazing comeback ZOOM a top contender in the carbon fiber wars.

Zoom is an innovative brand of high-quality bicycle parts; combining the latest space age light-weight material and state of the art technology.

Zoom provides limitless possibilities to increase performance at a maximum level.

We specialize in: Carbon Fiber “Extremely light-weight and highly resistant to the most demanding biking conditions.
Suspension forks ranging from downhill to comfort trekking.
Disc Brakes (mechanical and hydraulic)

Our engineers and designers have created the perfect combination of alloy material with carbon fiber to promote the strongest product without compromising weight.

You have to experience for yourself the intense braking power of our disc brakes line (both hydraulic and mechanical) under the most treacherous conditions; wet/dry, sand/mud you can always count on your Zoom brakes
Zoom offers a variety of options for the OEM builder. Discount pricing without compromising quality with your choice of colors, styles, materials and your own private label if desired.

Our products are compatible with most bikes on the market. H/B Division was established in 1989, its factory covers an area of 34,000 square meters, the employees are up to more than 2900 persons, specialized in manufacturing carbon fiber, alloy/steel handle bar, stem, suspension seat pillar, bar end etc. with annual yield of 70 million pieces and 58 of effective patent. It is made up of production dept, sales & marketing dept, R&D dept etc, equipped with leading product design and manufacturing technology, complete testing inspection technique, production management technology.

ZOOM is promoting their line of carbon fiber accessories and want the riders to have it before getting to the retail stores at full price. This offer last 7 days and the quantities are limited so hurry.

For more information visit

Bike Clinics @ Central Florida bike shop

Central Florida bikers and enthusiasts gathered at Kyle’s Bike Shop located in Downtown Orlando to review the techniques, Safety and proper care of their bikes.
This free event was open to the public and welcomed a variety of cyclists all with different skill levels.
The event, that was made possible with the collaboration of Hermes Bikes, was the first of a series of workshops that will continue to take place in the same venue. These workshops bring people together with a common interests: bicycles, fun and a healthy lifestyle.
Cyclists were very happy in general with the acquired knowledge and it was interesting to observe the growing population of cyclists in Central Florida. Not only that, but the participation of females in this sport has increased in the last few years and there were quite a few females in the participants. Kyle gave some great tips in the overall care of the bike including in detail the adjusting, customizing and cleaning process. For anyone who is more advanced they will offer future workshops with a more complex level.
“Partnering with Hermes Bikes for this kind of events is being a great idea, all of my clients are happy and we bring together a community that loves this sport.” commented Kyle.
Also anyone that was interested in joining an Urban Ride or trail ride was given details of the different meeting groups in the area.

Herfel Torres from Hermes Bikes, added that “this is only the beginning of great things to support the cyclist community of Florida, it is a growing sport and we are ahead of the game getting people ready to make the best out of it! “.