Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong..this and that. People get real!

For many years the sports industry has become just that... An Industry, a business and a highly competitive one. Not only due to the advances in engineering/ design of the apparatus involved on each sport, BUT mainly by the commercialization of the advertisement capabilities/rating for the media. Such gigantic pressure is immediately transferred to the athletes. 

Just asked any full sponsored athlete (having the chance of dedicating your life to do what you love, without having to get a second job). Those companies will drop out at the first light of loosing media attention. 

Now to Lance... HE IS A SUPER ATHLETE.. in his field. Doping or not PERIOD. In today's world professional competitions everyone (in one way or another is doping). Some never get caught, some do. There is many scientific advances but pushing the body to the limits we have seen all across the sport world in the last 15 years, needs some serious science. 
Only him and the doctor knows the real truth, but WE have to realize that the commercialization of sports throughout media pushes this athletes to forget the fun factor of the sport. And that is our fault as spectators, giving sky high ratings to the events. (the same happens with celebrities/ movie stars and plastic surgery). 

Lance has motivated thousands of people to get out and be active and those individuals started an exercise routine that it will change their lives for the better. Cycling or not. In the cycling industry/community, you just need to start and get on that bike and then...YOU ARE HOOKED FOR LIFE, Lance or no Lance. Once you start riding a bike there is no way out.