Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bike Clinics @ Central Florida bike shop

Central Florida bikers and enthusiasts gathered at Kyle’s Bike Shop located in Downtown Orlando to review the techniques, Safety and proper care of their bikes.
This free event was open to the public and welcomed a variety of cyclists all with different skill levels.
The event, that was made possible with the collaboration of Hermes Bikes, was the first of a series of workshops that will continue to take place in the same venue. These workshops bring people together with a common interests: bicycles, fun and a healthy lifestyle.
Cyclists were very happy in general with the acquired knowledge and it was interesting to observe the growing population of cyclists in Central Florida. Not only that, but the participation of females in this sport has increased in the last few years and there were quite a few females in the participants. Kyle gave some great tips in the overall care of the bike including in detail the adjusting, customizing and cleaning process. For anyone who is more advanced they will offer future workshops with a more complex level.
“Partnering with Hermes Bikes for this kind of events is being a great idea, all of my clients are happy and we bring together a community that loves this sport.” commented Kyle.
Also anyone that was interested in joining an Urban Ride or trail ride was given details of the different meeting groups in the area.

Herfel Torres from Hermes Bikes, added that “this is only the beginning of great things to support the cyclist community of Florida, it is a growing sport and we are ahead of the game getting people ready to make the best out of it! “.