Monday, March 5, 2012

Numb Genitals? Get a new bike saddle!

 Nearly 40 million Americans ride bikes every year. Among them the same problem keeps creeping up: genital numbness.
"Something has to give; either you genitals have to give or your sit bone or the saddle" 

The federal government recommends people who ride bicycles for work -- like police officers and messengers -- get better seats or face potential reproductive damage caused by compressed nerves and arteries in groin areas. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health encourages workers to use no-nose saddles or seats that are designed to relieve pressure on those sensitive areas. For casual riders, there are various types of seats designed to relieve stress on genital areas. Some seats may have noses, but also have large holes in them to increase comfort.

The bikes seats are flexible. They typically have holes in them or a large space so that the grion does not touch the seat. That flexibility relieves pressure on a man's testicles, but similar seats are also designed for women. They tend to be shorter and wider.

Mr. Jones bought one of the no-nose saddles for his 30-plus year old bike. He doesn't ride for a living, he just enjoys doing it and wants to make sure he can continue enjoying all of life's pleasures.

"My girlfriend mentioned it, so I said, hell, I'll get this seat,"