Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young Entrepreneur in Central Florida making marks on a specialized niche in the sport of Cycling!

 In the world of international cycling names like Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong are easily recognized. However, one  us of has done and keep doing a great mark in cycling.
The Puerto Rican Herfel Torres is the creator and co-founder of HERMES BIKES. A company dedicated to design, redesign and customizing of mountain bikes.

"Since mountain biking became an Olympic sport, the momentum of this discipline is unstoppable. And the demographic and economic studies show clear industry growing statistics. HERMES BIKES, we are here to stay and dominate the market for high-caliber athletes who want the best. "Torres commented about the industry.

The young entrepreneur, who lives in Central Florida, after completing undergraduate studies at the UPR ( Rio Piedras campus, in PR), was devoted to studies in physics,mechanical and aerodynamic specializing in cars. What he learned working in the automotive industry and competition, he applies to bicycles.

As part of its mission to help others and delivery in the sport, Torres and HERMES BIKES share their success by being an active part of the local community. The businessman and his company, are
sponsors of health and fitness events also organizers and members of the exercise program of the "Coalition
to Defeat Childhood Obesity" (non-profit) and the fight against child hemophilia.

 Herfel Torres has been cycling from an early age. Competing nationally in forms of BMX, Freestyle and then Route. With a passion speed, became the goal of this pioneering Hispanic. After spending several months in China and Taiwan in meetings for design and manufacturing of bicycles and parts, HERMES BIKES became his dream come true 8 years ago.

"It is all mechanics: the body is the engine and driver. My job is to achieve greater efficiency and output power with less effort. In the car racing circuit, winners are not the most powerful, but if the most efficient " Assure Torres who began his passion for bicycles at 11 years of age and then became a competitor and cycling enthusiast.

About the market Torres said: it  is very commercial and that his company brings unique and high quality parts. "When you go to the factories, you realize who makes what, and not the brand names you see out there. There are many brands and parts that do not come to our countries not only because price but for lack of knowledge and / or advertising.

"HERMES Bikes produces about 40 bikes a year with a range value from $ $ 3.500 to $ 7.800 usd. Each creation is unique in its kind and works as a piece of art. According to Torres, in many cases customers are so exclusive that prefer to remain anonymous.

In the tradition of the Greek god Hermes, the swift, efficient, mischievous and magical messenger is given life in this millennium HERMES BIKES, sudden,swift and no rules. "Come fly with the gods," says
Torres invites you to experience the speed of HERMES.